NBA 2K21: Bad Reviews For The Demo

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2K games has used Twitter as a means to promote their upcoming game. The idea was good in itself and it was much appealing than Electronic arts’ utter silence about NBA Live 21. Today the idea seems to have fired back. Twitter has now become the preferred way for fans to express their disappointment about the NBA 2K21 demo. Of course, not every tweet is justified or honest. However, internet trolls aside some issues have appeared repeatedly from different sources.

We had discussed the size of the demo file in a previous article. 31.5 GB is huge for a demo, especially for a current generation game. However, let us not fool ourselves, video game files will grow larger and larger as time goes by. Still, the fan thinks that that size does not bode well for the full game. As a gamer, I can see where they come from I had to make some space on my hard drive in order to download the demo. As thing appears, the full game file will likely weight far more than a 100GB.

The size of the game would not be a concern if the game were actually “fresh”. The fans and media alike have pointed that a few new features aside, it does not feel that 2K games has kept its promise of a next-gen experience. Do not get me wrong the gameplay is mostly enjoyable, but feels too much like NBA 2K20. In addition, let us not talk about the graphics. It is still a demo and the game will surely look better on next-gen consoles. However, after a few matches something feels off.

Certain animations are far from perfect and from time to time, the AI of your teammates loses it. Nothing that a good patch cannot fix, but it is worth noting. Some of the reviewers have also pointed at the new shooting system, but to be honest, it feels like an improvement compared to 2K 20 at least for me. From a personal experience it feels like 2K games has not spent as much time making 2K21 on current gen consoles as needed. If you don’t want to waste time for a better game experience, MTStacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K21 MT coins.
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