Madden NFL 21 – What’s New In Franchise Mode

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Madden NFL 21 is designed to be a live service. This means that the game doesn’t stay the same as players discover it on launch day. The gameplay evolves and changes based on players’ demands to provide fresh challenges and quality gameplay throughout its lifespan.

The people in charge of the Franchise mode already have some ideas about how the game will develop over the year ahead. They are also planning and already thinking about Madden NFL 22 but that’s too early to discuss. For now, they have shared their vision about the game that is launching in just a few weeks.

Players will be able to use commissioner tools. This is one of the most exciting ventures that the development team is taking with the new game. This tool set includes many features that will give players more ways to control what is happening to their Franchise. This is one of the updates that will, most likely, carry over to Madden NFL 22. So far, we can look at three features. Players will have the power to approve the trades. Players will be able to undo transactions. This ability will make player movement contracts and trades easier. The third tool will give players the ability to reset a game if a disconnect occurs.

Tuning is a feature that makes players’ progression and regression better. Abilities such as X-Factors and other veteran players’ abilities will work better with the players that are new to the NFL. Improving the AI is another goal of the development team. When left to the AI, the personnel management decisions regarding trades, draft, and free agency will be better. The trade system is getting updated too with more complexity and genuine features.

The retirement feature gets some improvements as well. Players will be able to react and manage each season. The career stats user interface displays the history of the players’ achievements. You will be able to get a more accurate look at the players’ progression. Players have more control over their rosters with the new features that allow them to customize the X-Factor and abilities for all players. Get ready for a new Playoff and Super Bowl presentation.

The new Playoff bracket screen allows you to get more details about this feature. Players are invited to share their feedback. They can do so by using the forums. Those who took part in the beta testing can voice their opinions so that the development team can react accordingly.

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