This Is How The FUT Packs Will Open

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We are getting closer and closer to the launch of the highly anticipated FUT 21, so we receive more and more details about its gameplay and the characteristics of its game modes.

Of course, one of the modes that attracts the most attention to fans is FUT, which has become very popular on the internet for several years now, because of all the possibilities it offers to build teams and customize squads.

In fact, the creation of this game mode is what made the FUT franchise definitely beat Pro Evolution Soccer in the current generation of consoles, since the MyClub mode of the Konami franchise is nowhere near the quality standards of the famous FUT from the EA Sports franchise.

About this topic, many players had the opportunity to test a beta of UT mode of FUT 21, in which they could see what the opening of the packs will be like and, although EA Sports prohibits the reproduction of the scene before the launch of the game, some YouTube Channels have created very faithful recreations for users to get an idea.

One of those users is @ultimatetopfut on Twitter, who shared the information respecting all the embargoes established by the developers, in a rather ingenious way that fans have been able to thank.

So you better think about how you are going to buy FUT Coins and which players or accessories you plan to spend them on, since the quality of your team and the possibilities you have of winning against the strongest rivals in FUT Champions will depend on that.

As you can see, the scenes are quite similar to those that appear in FUT 20, although it is clear that the path of the players and the corridor have been retouched to give a new taste to each opening.

Likewise, the lighting has also been working to create a more vivid and euphoric environment that makes the user value the rewards obtained, although it must be remembered that this is a recreation made as similar as possible to the original, so some aspects may not correspond to the original version.

In this way, you can already imagine what it will be like to see your favorite YouTubers open that countless number of packs until they get that outstanding player of the week or one of the new FUT legends such as Xavi Hernández, Fernando Torres or Phillip Lahm.

Despite the fact that everything indicates that EA’s main focus is to improve many game sections for FUT 22, this new installment of the series will also have a lot to offer to the loyal fans who look forward to its launch year after year.

FUT 21 will hit the stores on October 9, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. The FUT 21 release date for next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X hasn’t been confirmed yet. For more cheap FUT coins, buy them at the FUTeamGo store with more discounts!
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