Why you Need a Back Support

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Back pain is a common problem among people of different ages and genders. While there are back pains caused by disorders and injuries, most of the cases are due to bad posture and improper lifting of loads. Wearing back support can help you correct your posture and reduce your back pains in the long run. People also use a back support to protect their backs from injury when they are lifting heavy items.

Why you Need a Back Support

  • They prevent back pain: Since back pain mostly hurt one does certain movements and postures, people suffering from back pains can find working and exercising stressful. A back support prevents such pains by limiting certain motions that worsen the situation.
  • They treat several back conditions: Back pains have no cure, but wearing back support can help you manage the symptoms of several back conditions, including kyphosis, osteoporosis, Scoliosis, spinal tumours and many more.
  • Helps strengthen the core and back: Since the core is the area supporting the whole of your body, having a strong core has a myriad of benefits, especially when it comes to posture. A back support forces the back muscles to align, thus strengthens the back and the spine for a better posture.

Podobrace Back Support

Podobrace recommends back support for complaints like lumbar spine hernia spit, but you can also use them for other conditions like lower back pains, muscular instability, lower back complaints and osteoarthritis.

You can choose from a normal elastic back brace or professional back support. Unlike the normal back support that is adjustable according to the support needed, a professional back support has a pressure gel cushion pad to minimise friction.

Protection Levels

According to Podobrace, back supports come in three different protection levels, depending on the users need. A green coloured back support provides basic protection, orange advanced protection and read the highest level of protection.

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