Why The Netherlands is the perfect place to live for expats

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Are you planning to find a job in another country? Nowadays, many young professionals move to another country to start their professional careers. The number of countries to choose from is very long. But of course, some countries are a better fit for expatriates than others. One of the best places to live for expats is undoubtedly the Netherlands. Why? You’ll find out by reading this article.

Everyone speaks English

It’s hard to learn a new language from scratch, so isn’t it smart to choose a country where everyone speaks your language? In the Netherlands, almost everyone speaks English well. Especially in the urban areas you will hear it everywhere. This makes it of course much easier for expats to adapt.

The Dutch are friendly people

Dutch people are generally very open and friendly. As a newcomer in a strange country, this is a very good thing. The Dutch like to engage with strangers, so it’s easy to make new friends. However, the Dutch directness can be a bit strange in the beginning. The Dutch really say what they mean, so you better get used to this fast. But remember: they’re not being impolite, but just like to get to the point as quickly as possible.

The country is well organized

Moving to a new country is a lot easier when the country in question is well organized. This is certainly the case for the Netherlands. Everything is extremely well organized here. Good examples of this are the well-thought-out infrastructure, and the very fast postal service.

It is easy to find a job

For internationals it is relatively easy to find a job in the Netherlands. The country houses many international companies that are always in need of good workers, no matter what language they speak. 

If you have chosen the Netherlands as your new home country, the next step is to find a house. The Netherlands has many good real estate agents who specialize in helping expats. A good example is @WORK Real Estate. This real estate agent has many houses for sale in Rotterdam and Den Haag, two excellent cities to live in for expats.

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