What does smoking cost?

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Huge sums go into the tobacco industry. Besides, everyone knows that you have to pay a lot of taxes on it. Does smoking cost society money or not? This is also an interesting question. Do you want to smoke your first cigarette or do you already smoke and are you curious about what it costs? Feel free to read on.

Packet of Marlboro or a Linx gaia

It matters quite a lot what you smoke. The costs differ enormously. For example, a packet of Marlboro light xxl costs 13.50 euros in the Netherlands in 2021. However, if you smoke with a Linx Gaia, which is a vaper, you will spend a lot less money.

How do you calculate what it costs? Take for example a packet of Marlboro xxl of 13.50 Euro. Suppose you are a woman, heavy smoker and smoke a packet like this every day and you are just 40 years old. The average woman in the Netherlands reaches 83 years of age. So, smoking will still cost you: 43 x 365 x 13.50 euro = 211,882.50 euro. On the other hand, heavy smokers live on average 13 years less. So then smoking costs: 30 x 365 x 13.50 = EUR 147,825. Still a considerable amount of money.

If you apply this calculation to smoking with a Linx gaia, you will see that vaping with a Linx gaia is a lot cheaper.

Health costs for society

Smoking, of course, also costs you your health. Studies have been done and although a smoker is more expensive in terms of healthcare costs due to the higher risk of certain diseases, this is offset by the fact that smokers do not age as much. This saves, for example, on health care costs for diseases such as dementia, which occurs mainly in old age.

Personal costs

Smokers tend to have less energy than non-smokers. Energy levels are, of course, important for your well-being. So, on balance, you might want to think about trying that first cigarette. Once addicted, it is very difficult for many people to get rid of it.

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