Van Lennep Kliniek employs highly skilled skin therapists

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Are you looking for a good skin therapist in The Hague? The skin therapists at Van Lennep Kliniek are highly skilled in their profession and are always looking for the best and an appropriate skin therapy for you. Van Lennep Kliniek has several branches, two of which are in The Hague and one in Oegstgeest.

Continuous development, that’s what the cosmetic industry is all about. That’s great, of course, because it means there are more and more possibilities in the field of skin improvement. The skin therapists at the Van Lennep Kliniek will never stop learning, this is a part of the profession they love. There is nothing better than to see the client leave with a good feeling and beautiful skin.

Every skin therapist working at Van Lennep Kliniek will first conduct an extensive intake interview with you. First, we will listen to your wishes and expectations. We look at the condition of your skin, your skin type and what your skin needs. Together with you a personal treatment plan will be drawn up and the skin specialist will work with you towards a more beautiful skin.

Pigmentation spots treated with a laser device

Do you annoyed by brown discoloration on your skin, or pigmentation spots? Pigmentation spots can also be treated at Van Lennep Kliniek. The pigmentation spots treatment is very effective and within three to five treatments, the pigmentation spots are gone.

Removing pigmentation spots is done through a laser, in many cases an IPL laser is used. The laser gives a light pulse on the skin. This light pulse consists of a certain wavelength, also called energy. The skin that is pigmented absorbs this energy and converts it into heat. This causes the pigment spot to heat up greatly and the heating destroys the spot. The body absorbs the pigment spot over time, making the spot disappear completely.

A period of 4 weeks is maintained between treatments. After the treatment, the skin may be somewhat red-colored, feel warm and swell slightly. Also, the treated area is darker discolored. This goes away within one to two weeks. Shortly after treatment you can cool with an ice pack.
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