How to get some creativity?

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Maybe your creative mind-set is in a slump currently, or you were never the creative person that you wished for. Whatever the reason that you can’t find some creativity might be, we would love to provide you some insights on how to find your creativity (back)! Could be very helpful for deadlines at work, thinking of presents for friends, writing a speech for a party or wedding or when you are aiming to bring a new (and promising) product to the market. Read beneath tricks through and you might find some creativity! 


Your mood is of great importance! 

Did you know that lots of researchers found that inner peace and the state of your mood is of great influence on the level of your creativity? Creativity finds itself in the right side of your brain, and whenever you are feeling not comfortable, stressed, tired or just not rested, this right side of your brain will become less effective, bye creativity! Thus, to find some creativity, and of course for a lot of other struggles and things, it would be very helpful to discharge the stressy cargo. This could be done by sports; running, going to the gym, practicing sports outside… The kind of sport does not matter, whenever you sport you will get rid of thoughts and will feel relieved and less stressed afterwards. Thus, go for that run and improve your creativity!  


Improving quality by the use of materials

There are a bunch of different materials playing the market that might help you increase the level of your creativity. Some products might make you feel more relaxed, such as the use of relaxing scented candles, for example lavender or chamomile. Additionally, it is found that when you are exposed to the same smell day and night, creativity will improve. Another way of improving creativity is by taking supplements to become more relaxed. Are you looking for a more out-of-the-box option? Why don’t you try psychedelic mushrooms for once? After the use of this, you will find more room for creativity! 


Train your creativity

Did you know that there are ways to train the right side of your brain, your creativity thus? Curious? Take a pen and an empty piece of paper and put off all the electric devices in your house (skip the distraction!). Try to think about a very boring object, for example a traffic light or a lampshade. You will write this boring object on the paper and after that, you should find yourself some ideas about what you could do with that traffic light or lamp shade. Just write everything down; nothing is too weird. When doing this, your brain is trained to think out-side-the-box and thus more creative.
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