Bottle Up spring water bottle

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One million single-use PET bottles are sold every minute worldwide. Even though these bottles are recyclable, very few make it into a new bottle. Instead 60% of these bottles end up in landfill or worse, our rivers and oceans.


Spring water bottle 

How can we solve this problem? Quite simply, by reducing the number of single-use bottles being consumed. The easiest and most eco-friendly solution on the go, is to refill a spring water bottle from a drinking water station. 


Tap water is often very safe to drink and more and more filling stations are being installed in major cities around the world to ensure water is easily accessible.


There are different ways of producing reusable water bottles, for example using fossil-based plastic, glass or aluminium. Fortunately, there are also other more sustainable options available at an affordable price.


Sugar cane & local water

Bottle Up bottles are made from Sugar Cane, a bio-based and renewable source. The raw material is produced from pressing the sugar cane plant, while the traditional plastic bottles use fossil sourced raw materials like oil and gas


To make the production process as efficient as possible, Bottle Up look for water and bottling partners who are located as near to each together as possible.


As Bottle Up expands to more locations across Europe, they will make sure to replicate the same production process in each country: local partners working close together to reduce transport costs and the impact on the environment. 

Bottle Up reusable water bottles

Bottle Up offer a 500ml reusable bottle, a great size for on the go drinking. As they are made from bio-based material and reusable, the bottles are more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bottles. The bottles are easy to wash, safe to refill and 100% suitable for recycling.


As Bottle Up aim to target on-the-go consumers who are mostly active in large cities, they have designed beautiful bottles with city designs. These bottles have a unique font and colour, designed and chosen especially for specific cities in mind. Besides the city bottles they offer a more generic bottle with a WATER design in four colours.


Water projects

The sales of Bottle Up support water projects set up by charity: water and environment awareness programs in Sri Lanka. This way reusable water bottles will not only help the environment, but also ensure that everyone in the world can enjoy safe and clean drinking water.


October 21, 2020 |

Bidons bedrukken

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Bidons en drinkflessen zijn een super goed relatiegeschenk of give away. Deze hippe en handige drinkflessen zie je dagelijks in het straatbeeld en worden veelvuldig gebruikt. Waarom als relatiegeschenk inzetten? Dat leggen we je graag uit, daarnaast benoemen wij de diverse verschillende bidons en drinkflessen.

Waarom een bidons als relatiegeschenk

  1. Geschikt voor een brede doelgroep. Een bidon kun je aan kinderen, tieners en volwassenen cadeau doen, iedereen zal er blij mee zijn en gebruiken. De kids nemen ze mee naar school of sport, de volwassenen gebruiken ze voor onderweg in de auto, trein of tram, nemen de drinkfles mee naar hun werk voor een verfrissing tussendoor of gebruiken de drinkflessen bij het sporten.
  2. Veel ruimte voor personalisatie. Een bidon heeft veel ruimte om je naam, logo of ontwerp er op de drukken. Daardoor valt je naam niet alleen op bij de mensen die hem gebruiken maar ook de mensen om hen heen. Zo bouw je aan je naamsbekendheid. Daarnaast is het bij een aantal plastic bidons mogelijk om zelf de kleuropbouw van je bidon te bepalen. Dus bijvoorbeeld de kleur van de deksel, houder en nippel kun je zelf aangeven. Zo maak je een unieke bidon die niemand anders heeft.
  3. Voor vele gelegenheden geschikt. Veel mensen denken dat een bidon alleen voor sportevenementen geschikt is, maar dat is helemaal niet zo. Bij het bezoeken van evenementen, beurzen of festivals ben je na verloop van tijd wel toe aan een fris drankje en dan komt een bidon erg goed uit. De bidon wordt nadien mee naar huis genomen en dan ook daar gebruikt. Ook in een goody bag maak je goede sier met een bidon of drinkfles.
  4. Sportief, milieuvriendelijk en hip. Door het inzetten van een bidon of drinkfles met jouw naam of logo associeer je je bedrijf met een sportieve uitstraling, ben je milieuvriendelijk bezig ( herbruikbaar product) en laat je zien dat je handig en hedendaags artikel cadeau doet.
  5. Voor elk budget. Er zijn bidons en drinkflessen in alle prijsklassen. Van een goedkope plastic bidon naar een luxe glazen drinkfles met houten dop in een cadeauverpakking. Dus bepaal wat uw budget, doel en doelgroep is en kies een passende bidon.
  6. Veel varianten en modellen. Er zijn bidons geschikt voor sporten met een sportdop, er zijn metalen drinklessen die licht en stevig zijn, glazen drinkflessen met een luxe uitstraling, thermosflessen die je drank warm houden of juist koud en drinkflessen met extra functies, zoals een drinkfles met fruitinfuser zodat je zelf je fruitdrankje kunt maken, sportfles met speaker in de bodem of een waterfles met theezeef.

Wil je meer weten over onze bidons of drinkflessen, bekijk hier ons assortiment of neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie.

October 1, 2020 |

FIFA 21: Latest News

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Let us start by the bad news. Electronic arts will not release a demo for this year’s opus of the FIFA Football series. It had become a common practice from the American editor to release a demo for the game to give the fans a sneak peak of the upcoming game. According to a Twitter post published via the EA Sports FIFA account, EA wants their development team for FIFA 21 to focus on the game in order to deliver the best experience for the fans.

So, we will not have a FIFA 21 demo this year, however, EA Play members will have the opportunity to participate to an Early Access version of FIFA Ultimate Team 21. This early access will start on October 1 for EA Play members and on October 6 for the people who pre-ordered the Champions or Ultimate Editions of FIFA 21. The early access will allow the participants to earn various rewards for the full game.

About FUT 21, EA has announced that the Ones To Watch full campaign would start on October 9, the game’s official release date. The Ones To Watch are players items that will change according to the real life performances of the players. EA has already confirmed the presence of Chelsea’s Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech, Tottenham Hotspurs’ Gareth Bale, Real Madrid’s Martin Odegaard, Liverpool’s Thiago Alacantra and Inter Milan’s AchrafHakimi.

More players will be announced as from October 9. EA has also confirmed and given more explanation on the Live FUT Friendlies. The Player Programs will make a comeback throughout the year for a more realistic game. The Meaningful Moments feature, which we already discussed in a previous article, will be part of this system as well as the Flashback Eras and the League Players.

The Flashback Eras are items that will reflect the stats of a player at a specific moment of their career. The League Players will allow you to earn players who will benefit of a static permanent upgrade. Live FUT Friendlies will also allow you to earn League Players. We are days away from October 9 and our fingers are crossed. You can buy FIFA coins at the best prices at U7buy store to help you build the ultimate team.
September 30, 2020 |

WOW Classic Esports Tournament Announced

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WOW Classic has come back in style since its launch, being a total success for Blizzard and for fans who have been waiting for a long time for playing again World of Warcraft as this game was released in the past decade.

That’s why it’s not surprising that the game reaches the eSports scene and this is precisely what has happened, the creation of The WOW Classic Fall Conquest has been announced in a competition that will be played under the format of 15 vs 15 in the Arathi Basin battleground.


The tournament begins on October 3

The tournament will begin on October 3 and will end on October 18, with a prize of 12,000 USD. The sum will be divided between the North American and European competitions equally, with 6,000 USD for each continent.

The competition will be under the War Game Feature rules that was recently launched in the game with the objective of reunite several players to form a group that can compete against another in a battle.

The tournament will have two qualifying phases for all registered players, first we will have the open qualifiers and then the regional finals, in which the six best teams from each region will battle to try to reach the final phase of the tournament.

Each team will have 15 players in its squad, without any type of reserve player or substitutions available, all must play from the beginning to the end of the game without modification.

All the teams that wishes to compete in Europe must register before October 1, while candidates for the North American edition have until October 8 to formalize their registration.

The preliminary rounds will start two days after the deadline for registrations, so it is best to start preparing now. Buy wow classic gold would be a great option to achieve supplies and upgrade your abilities before competitions starts.

The final round with the six best teams from each continent already selected will take place on October 17 in Europe and October 18 in North America.

This is only the second time that Blizzard hosted a World of Warcraft Classic eSports event, so it’s a niche that’s only just beginning to be exploited.

The last eSports event of this game was Warsong Gulch in June, just three months ago, which could indicate that possibly another great tournament will be held at Christmas with WOW Classic as the main game, it all depends on the success of this and the reach it have on social media.

And that’s it, if you are interested in participating in this prestigious tournament and showing all your skills in WOW Classic this may be a great opportunity to you and your friends. Of course, it is best to try to form a team with veteran players or join a team that already has some experience, because the competition will be very tough and you will face the best players of your respective continent.

World of Warcraft Classic gold is now available on GoldPiles store. All servers support.
September 23, 2020 |

How modern cities deal with important issues

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For a long time now, people have been congregating in cities and towns. At first, there were mostly benefits to this. After certain amounts of time, though, some disadvantages made themselves clear as well. Think hygiene issues and the way diseases could spread easily because people lived so close together. As time went on, cities grew and grew, creating new benefits and solutions. This blog is about the way modern cities deal with some of the important issues they are facing now. Be sure to read on!

Climate change

As you probably know, climate change is not just a city issue, but a global one. Cities can, however, contribute greatly to the solving of this specific issue. By using greener types of energy, paying attention to the amounts of energy they use, as well as adopting new technologies to make the environment suffer less from human impact!

Growing populations

We shortly mentioned this earlier: the populations of cities are ever growing and have reached staggering amounts. All of these people need a place to live, running water, transport, food, utilities and many other things in order to live a humane life within the city. A modern city provides this, one way or another, for as many people as it can. With the ever growing populations, this is a lot harder than it sounds and usually requires nifty solutions. That is another way you can recognize a modern city.

Increasing amounts of waste

Smart waste management is key in the managing of waste, especially in the large and modern cities of today. And staying on top of necessary precautions and service needs like gauge repair is no less important either, as these types of things are key in keeping up the smart waste management efforts. Smart waste management is all about effectively handling the large amounts of waste produced within a city. This is done by using the internet to keep track of important parameters and acting on them as they require.

Energy needs

Previously we mentioned the needs of growing populations, as well as climate change. One of the main themes within those subjects is energy. Creating the amounts everyone needs, as well as trying to reduce environmental impact, is quite conflicting. Again this issue requires creative solutions and smart thinking from innovators around the globe, making it another key parameter in which you can recognize smart cities!

August 19, 2020 |
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